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Preparing for telehealth & telephone appointments

If you are not attending an appointment face-to-face, you can opt to attend your session either online using video-link or using the telephone.


The benefit of a telehealth or telephone appointment is that you can connect with your clinician anywhere, without the need to travel to our clinic.

Setting up a positive therapeutic space.

To get the most out of your appointment, it is important to consider your setting and how to create an environment that is therapeutic.


The following suggestions are aimed at developing a positive telehealth experience:


  • We strongly recommend setting yourself up in a place that is quiet, private, and comfortable.


  • Ensure your computer, mobile phone, or tablet is fully charged or plugged in.


  • Unless you have planned to have another person present for your appointment, it is important that you are alone and unlikely to be interrupted. You may need to inform others in your household that you have an appointment and are not available. If you have children, you may need to organise for someone to take care of them while you are attending your appointment.


  • To further avoid disturbances, turn off any other devices, close apps or programs, and consider putting devices on ‘do not disturb’ during your session.


  • You may like to make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or water to have during your appointment.


  • Some people find it easier to concentrate when they are holding a sensory tool (e.g. a stress ball), so please feel free to seek this additional sensory input if that helps you to stay alert


  • You may find it beneficial to set up your phone, computer, or tablet in a way that allows you to have your hands free, as holding a device for the length of a session is sometimes uncomfortable or distracting. Place your device on a steady surface so that you can relax and focus.


  • If you have opted for a video-link appointment, please ensure that you are in a well-lit space.


  • It is important to remain present and focused during appointments. It is not generally helpful to be doing other things while attending a telehealth appointment (such as driving, completing domestic chores, or attending to emails). It can be useful to find a space that is not likely to have too many distractions.


  • Consider the need for a transition between your appointment and your usual activities. Before your appointment, see if you can take a moment to pause and consider your goals for the session. It can be beneficial to organise your time so that after your appointment you have capacity to take a walk, engage in self-care, or have some time alone before recommencing your usual activities.

How do I attend a telephone appointment?

  • If you have opted for a telephone session, your clinician will phone you at the time of your scheduled appointment.


  • Please ensure your phone is switched on and accessible at the time of your appointment.


  • You will need to be situated in a place that has phone reception throughout your appointment.


  • Please note that they may call using a private number.

How do I attend an appointment via video-link?

  • If you have opted for an online video appointment, your clinician will send you an email with a link to join your telehealth meeting before your appointment.

  • The email will contain a link to join your meeting via either Zoom or Google Meet.

  • You will require stable internet connection throughout your appointment.

  • You can join the meeting using a smart phone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. 

  • To find out more about how to join a Zoom meeting for the first time, click here.

  • To find out more about how to join a Google Meet meeting for the first time, click here.

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